September 2017 Meeting Minutes

Meeting started at 7:30pm at the Ashland County Service Center, 1763 Ohio 60, lower level.

Meeting minutes from August 2017 were accepted.

Treasurer Report:

  • Checking: $111.91
  • Savings: $2,669.88
  • Cash: $36.00

Old Business:

Haven’t heard from WZLP on if we can set up the repeater at the radio station.  Lee, KD8ZWG, will call WZLP for an update.

IARC (Mansfield club) has 140 feet of flexible feed line.  Will not take $1.00 per foot but will consider offers.  Chuck, KB8YI, found a place in California that would sell 150 feet of hardline with connectors at a reasonable price.

New Business:

There a major Simulated Emergency Test called Black Swan for Ohio and other states.  Information can be found at by clicking here:  Black Swan Test information.

Richland County ARES is holding a full exercise on October 4th.

The meeting ended at 8:00pm.