May 2017 Meeting Minutes

Ashland Area Amateur Radio Club Meeting Minutes

Date:  5/9/2017

Time:  7:30 – 8:30

Place: Ashland County Service Center, 1763 Ohio 60, lower level.

Treasurer Report: Checking $11.91

Savings $2,668.91

Repeater Report:

2 meter – pre-amp and power amp still not connected.

Health and Welfare:

Old Business:

June 7th. Staging at 5:30 starts 6:00.

Ashland and Holmes county, several

Done by 8:00

After action meeting –

Mansfield machine is reachable.   Get 205 ready. 

Need to test fm analog capability into Loudonville.

Get with Danny with on frequencies

Need to test Samaritan Hospital to see if the I can hit 444.7


ARES must have 4 classes.

Do we need vests?

Public safety and Red Cross will have vests.

County may issue us credentials.

Call Zack at Red Cross.

Check with Steve on radio.

New Business:

Mark met with WZLP management on activate emergency announcements.

Need to find out and reach out to Loudonville hams.

Please get 100, 200, 700, 800 classes

Joining with Ohio Responds

Should have information by Friday on state liability insurance on disaster rollout.