June 2017 AAARC Meeting Minutes

Ashland Area Amateur Radio Club Meeting Minutes

Date:  6/13/2017

Time:  7:30pm – 7:45

Place: Ashland County Service Center, 1763 Ohio 60, lower level.

Treasurer Report:

Checking – $111.31

Savings – $2669.21

Repeater Report: 147.105 still does not have its power amp hooked up.

Health and Welfare: Bob Beverly, K8ONN passed away on Memorial Day.

Old Business: NA

New Business: Mark Rafeld, Ashland County EMA Director, asked for some help on checking fire sirens.  He specifically mentioned Rowsburg, Edison School, and Fairgrounds.  He was going to provide a list of county fire sirens.

Program:  Wrap up of Ashland-Holmes Counties Emergency Drill.

The drill was deemed successful.  We actually had some problems but worked around them.  From the amateur radio point of view, we set up a portable DMR repeater and a portable 2 meter repeater.  We also had a 2 meter radio set up at the old Kettering High School.

Our radio plan contained contingency plans which we did use.  First a DMR server crashed and we couldn’t talked to Ashland Samaritan Hospital.  Our portable 2 meter repeater had its generator run out of gas.  We then successfully used the 2 meter rig at Kettering Hospital to make contact with the Ashland radio club repeater.

There was some confusion about going through net control.  The hams at the incident site were talking directly with the hams at Samaritan hospital.  Luckily the net control station could monitor the radio activity.

Red Cross volunteers did come to the hams to get updates on the start and end times of the drill and there was some confusions about how many people came to shelter.

Overall, I learned that I needed to reign in spurious conversations and have them come through net control.  We also learned to include simplex frequencies in our radio plan and that we need better ham coverage in Loudonville.