July 2017 Meeting Minutes

The July meeting started at 7:40pm at the Ashland County Service Center, 1763 Ohio 60, lower level.

Treasurer Report:

  • Checking:  $111.91
  • Savings: $2,669.43
  • Cash: $36.00

Old Business:

The 147.105 repeater still does not have the power amp hooked up.

We talked about getting another duplexer so that the pre-amp can be installed.

New Business:

There will be a 4 state ARRL ARES exercise in the fall.  The full details haven’t been released but the Ashland County EMA director did get some information.

We talked about getting a repeater up in Loudonville again.  We have the repeater, antenna and the frequencies.  We need the feed line yet.  The possible location of this repeater is at WZLP radio station in Loudonville.

The meeting closed at 8:30pm.