Upcoming Opportunities for Amateur Radio Support

Here are some of the events that are coming up that can use additional help for the amateur radio community

Miss Ohio Parade – June 11th – Contact Danny Bailey, W8DLB,W8DLB113 @Gmail.com
Pleasant Hill Safe Boating Day – June 10th – Contact Danny Bailey, W8DLB,W8DLB113 @Gmail.com
Mohican 100 – June 17-18 – Contact Mike Brugger, N8CEY, n8cey@aol.com
  – Mike can really use the help for the evening – early morning shift of the Mohican 100 run.  They are planning to use FLDIGI to transmit runner status.  Contact Mike for the details.
Ashland Balloonfest Balloon Glow – June 29 – July 1 – Contact Lee Farquharson, KD8ZWG, kd8zwg@arrl.net
-I need some more volunteers especially for Saturday evening.
Any help will be greatly appreciated.
Lee Farquharson, KD8ZWG
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