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Digital Mobile Radio Repeater Discussion

We have a special guest coming over on August 15th.  Arlin Bradford from VASU Communications will be coming over to discuss DMR repeaters with us.  Arlin helped the Intercity Amateur Radio Club in Mansfield obtain and host a DMR repeater there.

A number of us discussed this at the last club breakfast.  Several questions about DMR repeaters arose and we decided to reach out to get those questions answered.

Feel free to join us for this meeting.  See the details on our events calendar.  Also check us out on our FaceBook page and join our Yahoo Group.


July 2016 Breakfast

We had a good time at the July breakfast.  We discussed about getting an UHF DMR repeater for the club.  A number of questions were asked so we decided to ask Arlin Bradford from VASU to meet with us to talk about DMR repeaters. I will post the date, time and place of the meeting when we get it scheduled.

We had 7 people at the breakfast, 4 members and 3 guests.

Hope to see more for the August breakfast. 

Keep watching this site, the AAARC FaceBook site, and our Yahoo group.  I invite all interested persons to subscribe to our Yahoo group.

Ashland BalloonFest Balloon Glow

I want to send a big thank you to all the amateur radio operators and their families that helped make the Ashland BalloonFest Balloon Glow such a huge success. We couldn't done it without our friends in Ashland, Richland, and Wayne counties.

Field Day 2016

To the Ashland area hams:  Currently there are 3 of us planning to operate a Field Day station as the Ashland County EMA.  Jack, KC8MBC, and I plan on being at the EMA about 11:00am Saturday morning to set up.  I think Jack is bringing his grill and I’m getting some hot dogs and buns.


We currently plan to set up a canopy down by the back door of the EMA building since there is only 3 of us planning to be there.  If we get more to come, we can move the operation up to the pavilion located near the front of the building.  


Right now, we don’t plan on operating all night.  We plan on staying until about 6:00pm and starting again on Sunday morning.  

Please let me know if you would like to join us by contacting me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or text me at 419-651-2872.  Bring a dish and drinks for yourselves.  Hope to see you Saturday.


The EMA is located at Ashland County Service Center, 1763 Ohio 60, lower level.


AAARC Now Has an Yahoo Group

The Ashland Area Amateur Radio Club now has an Yahoo group where club activities and discussions can be held.  This group is open to anyone interested in the AAARC but you do need to register to join the group.  The AAARC group can be found at  Below are the email addresses to join, post, or leave the group or to contact the group's owner.

We will be transisioning away from my sending emails from my contact list.  Club members and area hams can decide whether they wish to get emails by joing the group.  The group also has the availability to send its members individual postings, a daily digest of postings, or no postings.


I hope you join the AARC Yahoo Group.